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About Us

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About Us

Parents LEAD (Listen, Educate, Ask, Discuss) is an evidence-based underage drinking prevention program targeting parents through statewide, web-based communication. The program is designed to help parents…

  • initiate and/or continue conversations with their children about underage drinking and other difficult subjects at any age
  • role-model positive and healthy behaviors
  • monitor their children’s whereabouts
  • provide support and engagement

Click here for program logic model.

A key component of the program is its interactive website (www.parentslead.org) which features both parent and professional portals; each offering tips, tools, and resources.

The Parents LEAD program began with the primary focus as underage drinking; however, recently work has shifted towards a shared risk and protective factor framework. Many of the same factors that influence an individual’s likelihood of initiating underage drinking are the same that lead to other behavioral health problems. Existing research and data suggest that there are number of common or shared risk and protective factors throughout life that impact both substance abuse and mental health outcomes. Applying a behavioral health lens to this prevention program helps us to see the connections between substance abuse and related problems and to take the necessary steps to address these problems in a comprehensive and collaborative way.

Parents LEAD maintains a mailing list where parents can sign up to receive monthly, age- or topic-specific emails (e.g., toddler, divorce) and has a social media presence on Facebook and Twitter.  Additionally, Parents LEAD engages in various outreach efforts such as presenting at professional development conferences (e.g., mental health, addiction provider, school counselor, etc.), local public events, and utilizes traditional mass media (e.g., commercials, PSAs, etc.). 

Parents LEAD Evaluation Report 2015

Parents LEAD for Professionals

Parents LEAD for Professionals is a component of Parents LEAD specifically targeting professionals working with parents and families.  The website features printable handouts and resources.

Parents LEAD Program Partners

Parents LEAD is a collaboration between the ND Department of Human Services, ND Department of Transportation, and ND University System.

North Dakota Department of Transportation (NDDOT)
The NDDOT's Safety Division exists to reduce motor vehicle crashes and associated injuries and fatalities.
North Dakota University System Consortium for Substance Abuse Prevention.

The Consortium provides University System campuses with resources, knowledge and networks to address student misuse of alcohol and other substances.

The consortium advocates for stronger prevention policies, collaborates in campus-community partnerships and helps campuses develop evidenced-based prevention programs. The consortium is made up of representatives from all 11 ND University System campuses and representatives from the ND Student Association, University of Mary and Jamestown College.

Department of Human Services
North Dakota State University Extension Service
Extension Service creates learning partnerships that help adults and youth enhance their lives and communities.
North Dakota Department of Human Services (NDDHS)
The Department of Human Services’ Substance Abuse Prevention Systems mission is to provide effective, innovative, quality, and culturally appropriate substance abuse prevention infrastructure, strategies, and resources to the individuals and communities of North Dakota.