“Imagination is the instrument of hope.” 
Dr. Chan Hellman, Hope Research Center 
Hope Research Center (

3 Elements of developing hope

  • Acknowledge our current situation
  • Recognize that different situations exist
  • Imagine what we want “different” to look like

3 Ingredients that foster

  • Measurable Goals
  • Concrete Plans and Pathways for reaching goals
  • Determination and External Support to follow through with plans

3 “Hope Robbers”

Trauma that is not addressed interrupts brain development and processes

Failure leads to anger, despair, and apathy (completely giving up on the idea that change can occur)

Fear is imagination at its worst! Just imagining trauma and/or failure can lead to hopelessness.

3 Tips for Helping Children Find Hope.

Introduce Ideas that other situations exist A child doesn’t know what he/she doesn’t know. Even if there is resistance or denial about what you are telling them, they will be aware that “different” is possible. They can then Acknowledge, Recognize, and Imagine!

Provide opportunities for future memories of success Even small successes give kids confidence. As confidence builds, they see that bigger changes can happen. Goals, Plans & Pathways, and Determination will come naturally!

Watch out for “Hope Robbers” Trauma, Failure, and Fear can enter at any time and must be addressed.

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