The Facts

Alcoholism and drug abuse affects the entire family.

Children of alcoholics:

  • are at greater risk for alcoholism and other drug abuse when compared to children of nonalcoholics,
  • face greater physical and mental health concerns (specifically depression and anxiety) than children of non-alcoholics;
  • have greater difficulty in school; and
  • have greater difficulty with abstract and conceptual reasoning

Know the Following Signs

Guilt: may feel like they are the reason for parents’ alcohol/drug use

Anxiety: fear of arguments and/or uncertainty creates constant worry and emotional hyper vigilance.

Embarrassment: may feel ashamed of the family “secret” which may cause them to withdraw from others

Confusion: unpredictability in the family life causes uncertainty in other situations

Inability to trust: repeated disappointments and broken promises make it difficult to trust and develop close bonds with others

Anger: may be a result of resentment toward the drinking parent. Most often anger is projected on to innocent people

Depression: feelings of loneliness and helplessness are common

Wellness can be challenging and somewhat overwhelming at times. Striving to make small daily improvements is the key to amplifying success. Embracing wellness is about life and living, and becoming the healthiest version of you.

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