Parenting isn’t always easy, especially in today’s world. The good news is there are steps you can take to help protect your kids as they grow older. Effectively monitoring your kids through every stage in their lives is one important way to reduce their risk of becoming involved in potentially harmful situations or engaging in risky behaviors. Start monitoring your kids early on, in ways that are age appropriate. In fact, the earlier you begin monitoring, the easier it will be to continue as your kids gets older and the more they’ll expect it from you.

How do I monitor my kids?

There’s no way to be with your kids every hour of the day, but by asking the right questions, setting clear household rules and consequences, and paying attention to their behavior, you not only send the message you care, but you’ll also be better able to notice changes that might indicate a problem. Here are a few tips to get you started:

  • Know your kids’ friends and their phone numbers.
  • Know their parents and their phone numbers.
  • Find out where your child is going and with whom.
  • Insist that your kids call and let you know where they go after school.
  • Insist that your kids call when they leave and arrive to new places.
  • Find out what adults are going to be home when your kids go out.
  • Find out how your child will get there and back home.
  • Show up early to pick your child up so that you can observe his or her behavior.
  • Stay up at night until your kids arrive home and ask them about their night.


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