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Substance Use in ND

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Alcohol - Underage Drinking

Despite declining rates, ALCOHOL remains the most widely used drug by our youth. Compared to other states, our state continues to rank high in the nation in underage and binge drinking.

  • Over half (62%) of their high school peers have had a drink sometime in their life and nearly a third (31%) have participated in binge drinking in the past month.¹
  • North Dakota is ranked #2 for binge alcohol use among youth ages 12-20.2
  • Nearly 4% of middle school students in North Dakota had their first drink of alcohol at 8 years of age or younger.¹
  • 12% of high school students had their first full drink before age 13.¹

Taken from the headlines, this short YouTube video illustrates a vivid view of the alcohol culture in North Dakota.

Watch video

Talk to your child about the dangers of underage drinking, that you disapprove of it, and that there will be consequences...

  • 68% of North Dakota high school students perceive that binge drinking once or twice a week does not pose a great risk.¹
  • Underage drinking costs the citizens of ND $160 million.3
  • Almost 18% of North Dakota high school students had rode one or more times during the past 30 days in a car or other vehicle driven by someone who had been drinking alcohol and almost 8% had driven a car or other vehicle when they had been drinking alcohol.¹
  • Nearly 44% of fatal crashes in North Dakota are alcohol-related.4
  • 17% of all juvenile arrests in North Dakota are alcohol related.5

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