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25 Jul

Mixing Energy Drinks With Alcohol Increases the Urge to Drink

A new study finds mixing energy drinks with alcohol increases the urge to drink. People who consume the mixture may drink more alcohol than they planned, according to the researchers.

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21 Jul

Parents LEAD Booth at North Dakota State Fair

Every day parents have the opportunity to talk with their children about alcohol. Parents LEAD (Listen, Educate, Ask, Discuss) is a one-stop resource for tools and information on how to start and continue age-appropriate conversations with children about alcohol.

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14 Jul

KNOW! The Dangerous Drug Trend - Powdered Caffeine

For most adults and adolescents in the U.S., caffeine is a part of everyday life. While we tend to associate caffeine with certain beverages, it is also commonly found in many of our foods and medicines as well.

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11 Jul

The Ten Commitments of Great Parents

There are ten commitments that remind us of the most important sacrifices parents can make to raise highly healthy children. These commitments (with perhaps the exception of number 7) are choices each of us can make, regardless of our personal life circumstances.

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